Friday, January 14, 2011

Saucisses de Toulouse

This was our second ever attempt at making sausages (as to the first attempt – the less said the better…) We wanted to try something for our most recent cassoulet (a Daring Cooks challenge) and so went hunting the four corners of the Internet for a suitable recipe. The traditional sausage for cassoulet is the Toulouse sausage, made from pork, smoked bacon. wine and garlic; we chose to use this recipe which also includes nutmeg as a flavoring.

Start by grinding a piece of pork shoulder, making sure to include some of the fatty bits to substitute for the pork belly in the recipe. Thorougly mix in garlic, salt, sugar, white wine, white pepper and nutmeg (using roughly the proportions in the recipe) and leave in the fridge overnight so that the flavors are well integrated:

confit 020

Next day, it’s sausage making time. We obtained some casings from our favorite butcher (Guerra’s – we love these guys!) and since we don’t have any bespoke sausage making apparatus we broke out the piping bag with a large nozzle. By holding the rinsed casings onto the end of the nozzle, we were able to fill them without too much trouble:

confit 029

The end result: Beautiful links of Saucisses de Toulouse!

confit 032

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